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I'm happily married to to an amazing woman and have two wonderful kids. We bought our first home (and hopefully last) in April, 2015. I'm a proud Catholic and lean to the right politically.

I've been a huge music fan since I was a little kid - at age 7 I heard Elvis Presley for the first time and that was it for me. Since then, I've been exploring a wide range of music. For about ten years, the Blues has been a favorite, and over the last three or four, I've really gotten into Americana and a lot of artists from Texas, as well as traditional New Orleans Jazz. I combined my love of music and love of writing and created "My Music Musings, Etc..." - a blog that has even come to the attention of Ray Wylie Hubbard several times. When I found that out, it was easily the biggest thrill I've had as a writer :)

I love traveling to Chicago for the experiences, amazing restaurants, and to hit up the blues clubs down there. It is, after all, the epicenter of Chicago Blues, where Muddy & The Wolf took the Delta music and electrified it.

I'm up for any road trip, though, that brings me to favorites old and new alike. Living in Michigan offers so much to do year-round. I've recently started liking visiting Detroit, which is actually improving its crime rate and culture. Traverse City is also a rarely visited favorite.

I love reading, as well - mostly murder mysteries and WWII or Cold War novels, but some non-fiction (expecially if it's music-related). From time to time I like a nip of Bushmills Irish whiskey and smoking a good cigar. I'd love it if everything I did in life came with a good cup of coffee :)

That's about all for now. Feel free to read my LJ and see if you'd like to add me - just send a message letting me know you did, though.
78rpm records, ac/dc, aerosmith, al pacino, alabama, albert king, ale, alice cooper, americana, americana music, anthony hopkins, b.b. king, bagpipes, beagles, beavis and butthead, billy branch, black label society, black sabbath, bluegrass, blues, blues music, bob dylan, boston legal, breathing, british history, buddy guy, bunk johnson, carey bell, catholicism, chicago blues, cigars, coffee, coffee shops, david gilmour, deep purple, delta blues, denny crane, douglas adams, dresden files, edgar allan poe, england, european history, fat possum records, fishing, frank sinatra, frederick forsythe, friendship, george thorogood, gerald seymour, god, guy clark, halford, hank williams, hannibal lecter, harry dresden, heavy metal, honesty, hound dog taylor, howlin' wolf, hunting, ian rankin, import beer, inspector rebus, ireland, irish history, irish music, iron maiden, jack higgins, james cotton, jazz, jeffrey archer, jimmy burns, john cleese, john lee hooker, johnny cash, judas priest, june carter cash, junior kimbrough, junior wells, ken follett, kilts, king of the hill, king oliver, kris kristofferson, lemmy kilmister, levon helm, literature, louis armstrong, lynyrd skynyrd, magic slim, merle haggard, metallica, michael palin, mississippi john hurt, mississippi sheiks, monty python, motorhead, muddy waters, music, new orleans jazz, newcastle brown ale, nordic noir, okeh records, outlaw country, ozzy osbourne, pantera, peter robinson, pink floyd, politics, queen, r.l. burnside, ray wylie hubbard, reptiles, rob halford, robert earl keen, rock & roll, rodney crowell, saturday night live, scotch, scotland, sprituality, stevie ray vaughan, stout, t-model ford, tea, ted nugent, the band, the blues, the carter family, the highwaymen, the outdoors, the simpsons, tom petty, tom waits, townes van zandt, van morrison, vocalion records, wales, warren zevon, waylon jennings, whiskey, willie nelson, writing, zakk wylde, zz top

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