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18th February 2018

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11th February 2018

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4th February 2018

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28th January 2018

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17th January 2018

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14th January 2018

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2nd January 2018

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1st January 2018

8:42pm: 2017: My year in music Pt. 2 + Summary
I wrote my first proper music blog entry today.


If you're curious about the first half of the year's music for me:


As I've mentioned before, I've really slipped in the last six to twelve months about reading and writing. I allow too many other things, including social media, to get in the way (oh, the irony of posting that in a site that pre-dates Facebook and Twitter, eh?). I don't make New Year's resolutions but what I hope to improve upon is getting reading done and writing more.  Maybe for reading, I need to start with shorter books or essay/story collections. It may sound silly but at this point I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of most novels. For writing, I just have to sit down and do it. When listening to music, I need to put my phone down, turn the volume up, and absorb the sound and feeling.

Anyway, check out some of the artists and albums I mentioned. There's bound to be something you like :)

31st December 2017

10:42am: Goodbye, 2017, it's been... something or another.

Above is the first blog post in over a year from my Google account. I wish I kept better track of it. I had the best of intentions but honestly, writing has fallen by the wayside for me this last year, along with reading. I enjoy both but never seem to have the drive / energy to get to them with the vigor I had before. Life is hectic now, the kids' events take up more time than before, and I feel tired easily at night. I don't do New Year Resolutions but I do want badly to get back into both.

Winter has definitely stuck around. This was taken just before Midnight on Christmas Eve from my bedroom window:
Image may contain: tree, snow, sky, outdoor and nature

Everything looks the same today but colder and with more snow *lol* I'm not complaining (yet*) because we didn't get any snow until December this year and the last two Winters have been mild. I thoroughly enjoyed them but you can't reasonably ask for three in a row.

I'm sipping a good Italian roast coffee given to me by a friend the other night. On top of two other gourmet coffees I received for Christmas, my house is well-stocked for the time being. Warren Zevon is on the headphones. My wife's prepping a roast that has to slow cook for six-seven hours that will turn into pulled pork BBQ, we're having some friends over for a dinner of Pioneer Woman recipes. We went out last year but decided we're staying in this year.

(I made it writing that far and April informed me I forgot onions for the roast she's making now so I had to run to the local meat market two blocks away - thankfully it's so close!)

I wish I had something profound to say about 2017. I don't. I think I summed up my thoughts in the other blog post. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and successful 2018. If this year was good, I hope next year's even better for all of you. If it wasn't, I hope for improvement in everyone's lives.

Happy New Year, friends. Take care. 

28th December 2017

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22nd December 2017

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19th December 2017

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17th December 2017

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5th December 2017

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  • Mon, 15:59: Thanks @newwestrecords for the excellent customer service and thanks for releasing great roots and Americana music. Keep up the good work!

25th November 2017

10:37am: Same old-same old...
*Note: I began this draft earlier in the day*

Second cup of coffee for the morning, I managed to sleep in but only because I've stayed up far too late the last couple of nights. Disc two of The Bootleg Series Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs by Bob Dylan is on the headphones. It examines his career renaissance from 1989 - 2006 with unreleased outtakes, alternative versions, live tracks. I love most of the albums from this period and hearing their gestation is fascinating.

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday here in the States. We had a late lunch at our friends' house, avoiding any family issues or drama on my side. April's folks were invited, too. The meal was delicious and we had fun.

Yesterday was "Black Friday" which began TG night for my wife & daughter. They hit many of the major chain stores around here and apparently got some good deals. The only shopping I did was for records *lol* I went to Corner Record Shop and got Record Store Day - Black Friday releases by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Son Volt, and a 7" single by Aretha Franklin for April. I then hit Third Coast Vinyl and though they didn't have any RSD releases I was after, I picked up a fantastic Lightnin' Hopkins collection from Arhoolie Records. New West Records was having an online sale so I picked up a John Hiatt album I've wanted but is usually too pricey. 

I'm sure there was more I wanted to talk about but there really isn't I can recall. Things are going mostly well, the family's good, work isn't bad. I hope everyone is well. Take care.

17th November 2017

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15th November 2017

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8th November 2017

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4th November 2017

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30th October 2017

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29th October 2017

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23rd October 2017

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22nd October 2017

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12th October 2017

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10th October 2017

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