Fun Being Me


I switched coffee makers a few weeks ago to an older-style Bunn that keeps a resevoir of hot water. I enjoy that it's quicker to brew but I think it's hotter than my other one and the burner heats the coffee too quickly. I've found that a pot will start turning sour quicker. I think I need to switch back.

I'm reading After The Fire, Henning Mankell's final novel. A sequel to Italian Shoes from 2006, it follows the same main character and is so well-written that I almost don't want to read it too quickly for fear it's over before I can enjoy it.

Music-wise I bought my first LP in nearly two months, The Legendary Peg Leg Howell. I admit it's disappointing; recorded by legendary field-recording genius George Mitchell, he rediscovered Howell in 1963 after quitting recording 30+ years before. In cases like Son House and Mississippi John Hurt, the years added depth to their voices and gravity to their 1960s performances. Unfortunately in Howell's case, his voice was shot and way out of tune, and his guitar-picking was substandard (whereas Hurt's picking was as beautiful in 1966 as it was when he laid his last tracks down in 1928). It's an interesting document and from what I've read, it gave him back a measure of dignity before he died. But perhaps his musical legacy should've been left alone.

I'm listening to John Hiatt's 1974 debut Hangin' Around The Observatory on Spotify. I don't have the app on my phone but on my desk top. The sound is far better than on a cell phone. I've never heard it before and it's a lot stronger than I thought it'd be. Hiatt has a new album coming out this fall, his first in four years, and I'm extremely excited.

Work was tough this week because of the heat and humidity. I'm officially over Summer - there's a feeling in the air outside that tells me Autumn is coming. I mourn the loss of Summer only because I dread the snowfalls of Winter, but I enjoy the Fall. Last year we had virtually no Autumnal weather, it was a short transistion from Summer to Winter. I'm hoping for a good couple of months of slow-but-steady change, enjoying the crisp breeze and cool mornings.

I hope all's well. Take care.