Brett (lemmy59) wrote,

Nobody knew his name...

April and Maddie messed with the iTunes account on the computer awhile back; they thought they'd simply unchecked songs but they deleted a ton of my music. I went to listen to Guy Clark because I need something mellow but meaningful and it's all gone (I saved the CDs, not downloads). I have John Hiatt's Terms of My Surrender on again because I don't know what else to listen to.

The Crud hit yesterday, big time. I woke up feeling great and by the time April got home after work and we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner I felt off. This morning I feel like a Mack truck hit me. I made enough coffee for 2-3 cups then it's water and tea the rest of the day. I took some vitamin C at one point when I woke up in the middle of the night... I slept for a couple hours but after that it was probably no more than 15-20 minutes at a time at best. I need a hot shower and to go back to bed but I don't want to quite yet. WIthin a couple hours, I imagine.

Work was tough this week. I actually don't have the energy to go into it right now because I'll get worked up. But it didn't go my way at all and there are some worrying signs starting to present themselves in our company overall. I have casually started sending resumes out.

No musical purchases this week but last weekend (maybe the weekend before?) I got a bunch of records and CDs from Elijah's other dad when he was cleaning out his aunt & uncle's barn. 2/3 was either banal 60s pop or second-rate country from the same period. Yet more was good stuff but the records were in such bad shape they couldn't be salvaged. There are somewhere between 50 and 75, including about 20 Elvis records, that I think I can clean up. Some of it is from his movies, which got progressively more hokey as the 60s wore on, but gems like the Aloha From Hawaii special and his comebak LP, From Elvis In Memphis, were in the mix, as well as some other cool records. For $30 for the whole lot, bought sight unseen, I got a good deal. I just have to polish them up a bit.

That's really about all I can think of. My mind is extremely foggy. I hope everyone's well.  
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Aw dang mister! Not the freaking crud!!
And work issues to boot. Dang.
And the music itune tragedy.
U are in desperate need of hiding from the world for a few hours.
I will pray that the crud will leave immediately and that employment matters stabilize asap.
I'm just thankful it's on the weekend so I don't miss any time at work.

I'd love to hide but April took Madison to work with her so it's just the little man and me. He's not very mobile today, at least.

Thank you for the well wishes!
I read that first paragraph and I had a mental image of Sheldon from TBBT going "the horror... the horror."

Sorry you're feeling under the weather, I guess work stress isn't helping. Things are tricky at work for me too.
That's about how I felt about it, too! *lol* At least it's all still on my iPod so I can listen to it outside.

'Tis the season, I suppose. With how many people I know being ill I'm honestly surprised it took this long.

Hopefully work improves for us both in the coming weeks!
Hope so. Stability and certainty are my main concerns.
Mine too at the moment, and after talking with my friend & former supervisor Wendy, who left last month, my worries are starting to multiply. It's actually the first time we've talked since she left and while she was there, we made sure to keep work and friendship separate, so she never told me the behind-the-scenes activities that lead to her departure, nor would I have wanted her to betray her professional integrity to do so.

She said she'd keep an eye open for career opportunities at her new place, which made me feel good, because it means not only are we friends, but she valued my skills in our field as well.
Ouch on the music, is there a way to copy it from the ipod back to your computer? I know the directory structure is weird and everything renamed to letters and numbers, maybe there is a program out there that can help?

Maybe Kodi? Of you copy the directories and files in an outside folder on your computer and install Kodi and have it scan it , it can put all the info back? I'm guessing, Kodi goes online and gets music and movie info and fills it in it's database for your music and movie library.

I just came down with what is going around also... yuck. I hope you feel better.
Not being computer savvy, I'm not sure. The iPod is old (technologically speaking) and I don't think it's possible. Thank you for the suggestion, I will check into it! :)

Sorry to hear you've got the Crud too!

I feel much better several days later - it ended up being strep throat. I went to the Doctor on Monday who tried to convince me it was nothing more than the flu that's going around and all I could do was wait it out. He wasn't my regular doctor (who was 100% booked because of the Crud around), and he was very dismissive. I told him I knew it was either a sinus infection or strep because I'd had each before and this is how it began. He grudgingly took a throat culture and, sure enough, I was right. So I've been on antibiotics since Monday afternoon and still feel a little tickle in my throat sometimes but overall I'm fully functional again.