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The cold strikes again...

Last Saturday reached 60 degrees. I wore shorts, had all the windows open, and finished painting the room April and I have now moved our bed to so we can use the back room as a TV / family room.

Yesterday was below 30 degrees and the roads iced over after dark, and today is cold & blustery, too. I slept later than planned but managed to finish grocery shopping early enough to miss the weekend rush. I'm now here with Bob Dylan's magnificent late-career masterpiece Tempest on the headphones and some surprisingly good black coffee in front of me (a dark roast from Aldi I took a chance on).

The confusion of who is assigned where at work continued this past week. I spent time trying to help in a department that has seemingly lost its way and has difficulty with its process, which is very bad for the company because it's one of the real rainmakers. It was stressful but it felt good to be in the thick of the action. I feel like I've coasted a lot the last few weeks, maybe even the last couple of months, lacking direction.

I spent time yesterday relaxing with the new Peter Robinson novel and a variety of "roots" music on the turntable (Roy Acuff, Emmylou Harris, then the Grateful Dead). We were supposed to be at Elijah's pinewood derby for cub scouts but an accident Friday night rendered his car unraceable. I was disappointed and the guy helping (he was adding melted lead for additional weight) felt guilty, apologizing several times. So we all hung around the house, having a lazy Saturday morning. I managed a good walk before the snow hit, feeling exhilerated by the cold and the movement. We've slowly been getting back around to eating beter here, and to get in better shape again. The last few months have been a time of relative inactivity and it's time to get moving again.

I secured vinyl by Jesse Fuller, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Sonny Boy Williamson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Harry Nilsson, and Bobby Bare. The Shel Silverstein biography I was reading inspired the Bare purchase because they were collaborators from 1972 through Shel's death in 1999. The rest I happened upon at the record store before they were made available for general purchase.

I realized while I've managed to accrue twenty LPs this year already, I haven't bought any CDs. My focus has really been vinyl for at least a year, not because I don't love CDs but more because it's like a long-lost friend has returned and time together is time well-spent. I remember being little, around seven or eight, and my Dad would play old doo-wop and rock & roll records. I'm talking stuff from the '50s and early '60s when he was a teenager. To put in in perspective, he was just shy of 15 when the Beatles played Ed Sullivan so his world was reshaped like so many others' of his generation. I've always had an affinity for old music as a result of that, and I still crank Little Richard or Elvis when I hear them on the car radio.

Not sure what today's going to bring. I feel tired because even though I slept for a long time, it was restless, punctuated by odd dreams. I hope everyone has a good week ahead. Take care.
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