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27th April 2017

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25th April 2017

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24th April 2017

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20th April 2017

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15th April 2017

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12th April 2017

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5th April 2017

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28th March 2017

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26th March 2017

4:06pm: Sail away, ladies, sail away...
I have a playlist for Uncle Dave Macon on Youtube going as I type this. I have a good cup of coffee, no thanks to my coffee maker. April got it for me for our anniversary about five years ago and the grinder stopped working today. Thankfully I have a small handheld that got me through and I'm able to have my Italian roast from World Market.

I'm exhausted. I worked seven days in a row logging 57 hours between the two jobs. I'm enjoying the part-time gig at Home Depot a lot! Turns out I'm fairly good at dealing with customers and even received compliments from two separate people yesterday. The work is something I enjoy compared to Automatic Spring - relatively stress-free and enjoyable. My supervisor and management take the work seriously but treat their employees with respect. Part of me wishes Home Depot could come even close to matching my wages at ASPC because I'd give my two weeks if they could.

I got three fantastic albums this week: the  new two-LP Best of the Dualtone Years by Guy Clark on 180-gram grey swirled vinyl; Marty Stuart's brand new release Way Out West; and an original 1986 GWR pressing of Orgasmatron by Motorhead. I cannot recommend Way Out West highly enough. It's an atmospheric, gritty, loose concept album of the American Southwest, but it's far from a collection of "cowboy" songs. It definitely falls under the umbrella term Americana.  

April and I tried sushi for the first time last night. Never in a million years could I have imagined eating raw fish but I tried it and liked a lot of what we tried (we basically sampled five different styles). We then went to a local microbrewery where we sampled several beers, most of which were good. It was a fun Date Night.

I probably had a lot more I wanted to type about but my brain is fried. I hope everyone's well. Take care. 
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17th March 2017

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12th March 2017

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9:13am: Old timer, five and dimer, trying to find a way to age like wine...
Todd Snider's East Nashville Skyline album is on the headphones. A few stray snowflakes are falling from a cold, gray sky and the beagle's at my feet. Daylight Savings Time is once again messing with me. We "sprung forward" last night at 2am technically, but to me it just means losing an hour of sleep.

I've had my first two shifts at Home Depot and so far, so good. There is a plethora of training videos for new employees, so I've spent a third of my time watching those and taking quizzes, but I suppose it's a good thing. They really do take customer service and knowledge of your department seriously. Any coworkers I've met have been extremely helpful and friendly, making a new guy feel welcome.

My day job is what it is. I officially go back to the main building tomorrow and my hours are 6am to 2pm, which isn't too bad because I've been starting at 6:30am anyway.

I haven't had a lot of time to sit with music but I hope to tonight. April and I had Date Night on Friday and she went to the movies with her best friend last night, leaving the dogs and I to our own devices... for me this meant rewatching Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage on Netflix. I first watched it when icubud sent me a Rush Care Package several years ago, including the DVD and a couple books. The band's story is as fascinating as its music. Three extremely unique & talented men, that's for sure. I had forgotten how much I enjoy listening to Neil Peart talk and remembered I should look up his books beyond Ghost Rider.

I had coffee with my parents last night. They were a bit curmudgeonly but nothing bad. My dad is doing okay, better than I think he expected, but still has a long road to recovery in front of him. They're going back to the University of Michigan for further tests. This is a follow-up to the visit they had awhile ago and was originally scheduled for May, but after the hospital stay a couple weeks ago, the doctors there moved it up.

The only event scheduled for today is lunch at my grandparents' house. Grandma is 85 and Grandpa is 91 so I am definitely grateful to still have them around.

I hope all is well with you. Take care. 

5th March 2017

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3rd March 2017

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26th February 2017

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24th February 2017

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17th February 2017

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16th February 2017

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  • Wed, 16:53: I saw @BlackSabbath in concert for the 1st time at the Palace of Auburn Hills 18 years ago today. A monumental experience I'll never forget!

13th February 2017

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12th February 2017

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9:03am: Nobody knew his name...
April and Maddie messed with the iTunes account on the computer awhile back; they thought they'd simply unchecked songs but they deleted a ton of my music. I went to listen to Guy Clark because I need something mellow but meaningful and it's all gone (I saved the CDs, not downloads). I have John Hiatt's Terms of My Surrender on again because I don't know what else to listen to.

The Crud hit yesterday, big time. I woke up feeling great and by the time April got home after work and we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner I felt off. This morning I feel like a Mack truck hit me. I made enough coffee for 2-3 cups then it's water and tea the rest of the day. I took some vitamin C at one point when I woke up in the middle of the night... I slept for a couple hours but after that it was probably no more than 15-20 minutes at a time at best. I need a hot shower and to go back to bed but I don't want to quite yet. WIthin a couple hours, I imagine.

Work was tough this week. I actually don't have the energy to go into it right now because I'll get worked up. But it didn't go my way at all and there are some worrying signs starting to present themselves in our company overall. I have casually started sending resumes out.

No musical purchases this week but last weekend (maybe the weekend before?) I got a bunch of records and CDs from Elijah's other dad when he was cleaning out his aunt & uncle's barn. 2/3 was either banal 60s pop or second-rate country from the same period. Yet more was good stuff but the records were in such bad shape they couldn't be salvaged. There are somewhere between 50 and 75, including about 20 Elvis records, that I think I can clean up. Some of it is from his movies, which got progressively more hokey as the 60s wore on, but gems like the Aloha From Hawaii special and his comebak LP, From Elvis In Memphis, were in the mix, as well as some other cool records. For $30 for the whole lot, bought sight unseen, I got a good deal. I just have to polish them up a bit.

That's really about all I can think of. My mind is extremely foggy. I hope everyone's well.  

4th February 2017

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3rd February 2017

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1st February 2017

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